Beyond my own seminars, I want to call your attention to the work of the Assisi Institute for Archetypal Studies. The Assisi Institute offers amazing opportunities to expand your knowledge in the area of archetypal studies, and enrich your consciousness and the life of the soul. This fall there are two important events to share with you. My studies with Dr. Michael Conforti have enriched my life, and provided me with greater insight into my field of practice. So that, after you have had a chance to review the material I have written below, please let me know if you have any questions.

events1The first is the Seeing Red Conference, October 6-9, 2016. Seeing Red is an initiative, which arose from the vision of Loralee Scott-Conforti, MFA, Seeing Red Founder, and Executive Director of the Assisi Institute. In addition, she is an artist, activist, author and
educator. The conference emerges from what I see as a new field of study into the underlying dimensions of feminine oppression. It is, I think, a game changer, and I am honored to be presenting at the conference.

The second opportunity offered by the Assisi Institute, is the September Conference: What Shapes a Life: An Archetypal Developmental Approach. The dates are September 15-18, 2017. I am honored to be included with Dr. Michael Conforti, and Dr. Eduardo Carvello, as a faculty member.

events2In the midst of all this soulful, and mental activity, there is time for family, friends, and summer fun. But wait! Next time I write, I will have news for you about our 2017 study tour on Crete, The World Through the Eyes of the Goddess. The dates—PLEASE hold these dates—are May 3-May 15, 2017. Our tour will include the central, west and south of Crete. We will explore the roots of the first European culture, that of the Minoans. We will also ascend the mountains of Crete, descend into her caves, meet the people of Crete, and partake of the best food you have ever eaten, so STAY TUNED!

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