My Hour:

Your hour

My hour” is what many people call their time with their therapist, a time for you to reflect upon yourself. It is hard to problem solve on one’s own, heal from deep emotional pain, or to resolve blocks in the flow of your own creative spirit without the right support. In therapy we can reflect on your life experience, discover underlying patterns of behavior, ways of thinking, and emotions, which may have deep, instinctive, archetypal roots—those fundamental patterns, which operate in the background of our humanity.

My job is to be a committed and confidential therapist, to provide “deep listening,” clinical analysis, and reflection on whatever you bring to your hour.  In addition to our inquiry about your outer life, I may encourage you to think about your inner life, your dreams, your day dreams, and provide guidance on how to make sense of these complex, mysterious, and natural archetypal phenomena.  Your job is to do the difficult inner and outer work with what is revealed during therapy.

When we live in alignment with who we are, we are at home within our own lives. When we are not in harmony with our basic nature, we suffer. Where does one look to find alignment with one’s psychic life? This is what psychotherapy, at its heart, is all about.


My Organization:

My Organization

Organizations are living systems, and systems are living organisms. Just as it is the case with individuals, archetypal patterns underlie and control all behavior in any system. When an organization is out of alignment with its core essence and purpose, dysfunctions develop.

Individuals in leadership roles carry an enormous amount of personal and professional responsibility for life inside their organizational homes. Just as with individual psychotherapy, people who carry such responsibility for their institutions need “my hour” to reflect on problems and situations, which come with leadership. When this pathway opens up, we can apply many of the same methods used in individual work to analyze and problem solve fundamental roadblocks in the organization where you spend much of your time, energy and psychic life.