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From the beginning of my work as a practitioner of Jungian-based psychology, I found that many of us may be rich in material life, but we are impoverished in the ways of the Life of the Soul. Stories, the old stories, the ones that begin “Once upon a time,” are the best medicine to rectify this kind of impoverishment. That is why, early in my practice, I began leading seminars about fairy tales, myths and writings in Jungian Psychology, for my clients and other interested souls.

I offer seminars, workshops, lectures, and training in dream work, fairy tales, mythology, wisdom stories, and the work of C. G. Jung. In addition to my privately conducted seminars, retreats and workshops, I am available to speak and teach for other organizations and groups. I have been intrigued over the years to see how materials from the wisdom traditions can be useful and transformative in the lives of individuals and in organizational systems.

Subjects of this nature—mythology, wisdom literature, fairy tales, and works of depth psychology–can seem daunting to a newcomer. If you are tempted, but feel a little hesitant, you are in good company! We will work together to open doorways to the inner world of story!

Please contact me for further information. I am happy to discuss my approach with you.

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