Seminars, Lectures, and Training for Organizations:

I am available to present lectures, seminars and workshops on dream patterning, mythology, fairy tales, and the writings of C. G. Jung for your organization or working group. During the last several years I have presented programs for the Jung Society of Washington, D. C., the Jung Society of Sarasota, Florida, the Washington Friends Conference on Religion and Psychology, and the Assisi Institute in Mystic, Connecticut. It would be my pleasure to offer a workshop, lecture or seminar for your organization. Please contact me to learn more about my work.


Workshops and Seminars Through My Private Practice

Winter and Spring Seminars:

(These seminars meet monthly from October through May.)

Readings In Jung.  In this seminar we study the writings, theories and applications of the works of Carl Gustav Jung. The title of the 2016-17 seminar is “Uncovering the Divine Woman in Western Religion.”  Our main text is Answer to Job, by C. G. Jung. We will also consult the writings of Marie-Louise von Franz, Esther Harding, Marion Woodman, and other Jungian writings to help us.  The objective of this seminar series is to make Jung’s methods and ideas understandable and accessible in our everyday lives.

The Men’s Myth Seminar.  In the “Men’s Myth Seminar” we work with ancient mythology and wisdom stories that help us explore patterns of manhood. Our studies often take us into rich and lively discussions about what is means to be a man into today’s world. We are currently working with Perceval, or the Story of the Grail by Chretien de Troyes and Robert Bly’s Iron John: a Book About Men. Before we started our story of the Grail, we worked with legends from Native American tradition.

The Women’s Myth Seminar.  In the “Women’s Myth Seminar” we work with ancient myths and wisdom stories that help us understand patterns of womanhood.  We are currently working with Perceval, or the Story of the Grail by Chretien de Troyes.  Our discussions are rich and reflect the struggles and joys women encounter in everyday life, such as “What is the Grail for me?” We are also discovering the many ways the Goddess of the Grail appears in the Grail legend. Before we began our work with the Grail, we studied the Sumerian mythology of the Goddess Inanna.


Summer Seminars:

Summer Fairy Tale Seminar 2017. The Summer Fairy Tale Seminar has met every summer since 1986.  We have explored many stories, such as The Frog King, The Goose Girl at the Well, Little Snow White, and Iron Hans. We have also studied Shakespeare’s plays, and ancient Greek Drama.

Odysseus and the Night Sea Journey 

A Story About War and Its Aftermath

Homer’s Odyssey begins with these words:
“Speak Memory…
Tell me, Muse, of the man of many ways, that many-minded man…struggling for his own life and the homecoming of his companions…longing for his wife and his home.”

Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey are the oldest living narratives in our Western cultural heritage. The Iliad is the first story to confront us with the details of the field of battle, its heroes, victims, glories, crushing horrors, and its pitiful endings. The Odyssey is the first story to confront us with fundamental questions about the devastating costs of war for individual lives, and especially about those psycho-spiritual wounds we call post-traumatic stress, which men and women suffer from as a direct consequence of war.

What does it take to heal those wounds, visible and invisible, after years in the killing fields? Can a man like Odysseus ever become whole, able to embrace a woman fully, lovingly, and as an equal? Can he ever open himself to his sons and daughters, and teach them how to live fully, as a father ought? What powerful medicine holds the potential to heal the soul of a warrior be he king, or an “ordinary guy”? For Homer the answer is yes, and he shows us the pathway.

My father, and many of our fathers and mothers, served, or currently serve, in the armed forces in a times of war. He served as an infantry lieutenant on the front line in Germany during the Second World War. He never spoke much about his war experiences. Dad just came home, where he and my mother wove their future together.

In 1986 I made a pilgrimage to the town of Muden, located on the Mosel River, about an hour’s train ride from Koblenz. On a hill across the river from the town, my father told me, there is a large granite outcropping—dark with a white streak, like lightening. While defending that hill my father nearly lost his life, and saved the lives of his men through his heroic action for which he received both the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart.

Homer’s words took on new meaning for me, once I went to this place where my father descended into the night-sea journey, the dark night of the soul, and his nostos—his return home. Time and life have also taught me that many who never literally go to war fight different kinds of battles on different fronts in everyday life, and on psychic levels, just as Odysseus did on the wine-dark sea of the Netherworld.

During our Summer Fairy Tale Seminar we will make Odysseus’ story a place to begin. We will look for the stories of our father-warriors, and in our own interior lives as well. With the help of Homer and Odysseus we will enter the deeper meaning of the dark night, the nekyia, the night sea-journey, and the journey home.

Our text is, of course, Homer’s Odyssey. There are many good translations. My favorite is by Richmond Lattimore (HarperPerennial, 2007). Please find your favorite to use. It is always fun to see how different translators interpret the original.

If you are interested in attending, please contact me for the details.


Travel Seminars:

The World Through the Eyes of the Goddess, 2017. Since 2005, I have lead study seminars to Crete and the Greek mainland, where I draw on my training as a Cultural Anthropologist, Archetypal Pattern Analyst, storyteller and independent scholar.  The Bronze Age cultures of Crete and the Greek mainland have held my fascination and interest for more than twenty years.  I work in partnership with my good friend, Marilina Paters, a Cretan born Licensed Professional Tourist Guide, and expert in the field of Ancient Greek Studies, including dance and graphic arts.  The best way to connect with Stone Age and Bronze age cultures is to literally touch the earth and the stones of the Ancient Way, moving slowly, telling stories as we go, and hoping to make connections through body, mind, and spirit with the ancestors of those remarkable people who live in Greece today.  And the food is some of the best I have ever eaten!

My next travel seminar is scheduled for the spring of 2017.  We will travel throughout central Crete, where the major Minoan palaces are located.  We will explore caves and mountain peaks, sacred sanctuaries of the Minoan Great Goddess Mysteries.  We will also travel to the southwest coast Crete to walk its deep river gorges and visit healing springs and wells, places that were sacred from Minoan times until today.  Please contact me to learn more and to let me know you are interested in the 2017 Study Tour.  I would be delighted to share more information about this study tour with you.